The catalytic lamp: perfect for perfuming your home!

In the past, the catalytic lamp was used to eliminate bacteria and microbes. In this case, hospitals are in great need of this technological product. Not only that, it is also recommended by various laboratories to be used for disinfection. This also aims to sterilise unwanted micro-organisms. However, the use of a catalysis lamp has become widespread today due to the development of the technology. It can also actually get rid of bad smells. It is about being able to live in a beautiful feeling. But how to achieve this?

What is a catalysis lamp?

The catalytic lamp is also known as the Berger lamp. The latter is in fact the modern name for this tool, whereas the term "catalysis" was created in a laboratory years ago. As you know, it was previously used extensively in sanitary settings as a disinfectant tool. Its uses are not limited to that, but it can also be used to decorate the interior of a house. Historically, Mr. Von Liebig and Gerhardt are the chemists who discovered this beautiful multifunctional technological tool. In fact, the first catalytic lamps were put on the market on 15 July 1895. The research was based on the use of gasoline to perform a catalytic combustion. So, please visit for more information.

How to perfume your home with a catalytic lamp?

Having a catalytic lamp allows you to inhale pure air, because it has a purifying function. So you can use it in any room of your flat or house, such as the dining room, kitchen and living room. It is also intended to be used as a decorative element. However, most people often find it difficult to choose the type of Berger lamp due to the many new models with different fragrances. But don't worry, because the salesman will have to offer you the right models for your kitchen or living room. In fact, it is not difficult at all to use a catalytic lamp. Just turn it on and put it on a non-slip surface.

How do I buy a catalysis lamp?

You can buy several different Berger lamp scents in different shops depending on your taste. You can recommend bergamot, verbena, lavender, vanilla, white tea, walnut, etc. However, there are several criteria you should consider before purchasing a Berger lamp. If you are buying online, first check the seller's contact and address to make a meeting. But above all, check the reputation of the seller's products. To do this, search all the visitor comments for each publication. If you are making a direct purchase, you can check all the invoices of his former customers. This will allow you to qualify them.

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