How to use a home fragrance?

By using a pleasantly scented room fragrance, you can bring a personalised sensory dimension to your home. You can bring a sense of relaxation, well-being and calm to every room in the house. Each time you enter your home, you will experience a pleasant feeling, and visitors will notice this warm note as soon as they enter your home.

Enjoying a pleasant scent in your home

The sense of smell plays an essential role in personal well-being and using a natural home fragrance with a pleasant scent makes you feel good in your home. Maison Berger in Paris offers a wide range of home fragrances to purify and pleasantly perfume the air inside for hours of well-being and relaxation. You can use scented candles, diffuser sticks or an essential oil or home fragrance diffuser to enjoy a pleasant scent in every room of the house. It is important to choose high quality perfumes made from natural products that awaken the senses and increase olfactory well-being.

Diffusing a room fragrance

Many people wonder about the best way to diffuse a home fragrance throughout the house. If you are using sticks, pour your chosen room fragrance into a vase or diffuser holder and place the sticks inside. It will take about an hour for the sticks to become fully infused with the scent of the room fragrance. Then turn the sticks over so that the oiled part is on top and diffuses into the room. There are many different types of diffusers, some of which look like perfume bottles, pebbles or round vases, for example. The duration of diffusion is linked to the quality of the perfume solution and the speed of evaporation.

Choosing the right diffuser model

When choosing a support of interior perfume, vase or other decorative object and is advised to take into account the size of the room. You should also be aware that the higher the temperature of the container, the greater the evaporation. For example, a fragrance dispenser that is ideally placed in a high-traffic area and contains 100 ml will diffuse its scent between 4 and 8 weeks depending on the environment. When the room fragrance charge is fully absorbed, the diffuser can be refilled. The number of rods placed in the diffuser allows you to adjust the intensity of the scent.

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