How to install a waxed concrete floor?

Building a house is the culmination of a dream for every individual. It is synonymous with sacrifice and effort to achieve a result. Once started, it is necessary to make choices about certain elements of the house. It is necessary to find the right covering for the walls, the floor and the ceiling. But how do you install a waxed concrete floor?

What is waxed concrete?

Waxed concrete is a method of achieving a smooth finish. It is often used indoors for its many virtues and advantages. It also makes it possible to have a fairly classic and elegant decoration without spending a lot of money. Invented during the Roman era, it has survived for several centuries. It is still present in today's building sites. It is always at the forefront of fashion, especially in terms of decoration. Waxed concrete is widespread throughout the world, and every builder has mastered this fairly easy technique. You can do it yourself, but for a better result, you should call in a professional.

Why install waxed concrete?

Waxed concrete is a technique that allows you to have a polished concrete floor. It has several features that make the house quite durable. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It depends on what you want. It has several advantages for the house. First of all, it never cracks. Unlike normal cement, waxed concrete never cracks. Secondly, it does not cause allergies, it does not contain any toxins. In addition, the use of waxed concrete is environmentally friendly. But its greatest advantage is that it does not require daily maintenance.

How do I install waxed concrete?

The name waxed concrete is misleading, because there are no compositions that give the waxed appearance of concrete. It must be poured in the same way as normal concrete. However, it is preferable to use a formwork to have a clean and smooth edge. Next, the concrete should be polished with a polisher. For a better result, it is best to use natural resin in the mixture. The dose specified by your supplier must be observed. You will need: a clean bucket, cement, resin and the right tools. This work can be done by yourself, but for a better result, it is preferable to call in a specialist in the construction field. Waxed concrete allows for good decoration. It is often used indoors, but there is nothing to stop you from using it outdoors. To get a perfect result, it is recommended to call on a specialist in the field.

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