How to combine parquet and tiles?

Do you want to combine originality, functionality and modernity in your interior? It is possible to mix and match tiles and parquet. This means that making a choice is no longer necessary. All you need to do is to do a little research to find out how to do it in accordance with the rules of the 21st century trend.

Mixing parquet and tiles to delimit and mark the break

One of the purposes of mixing materials in a modern way is to mark the break between two rooms. If the living room is open plan, the combination of parquet and tiles is ideal to mark the break with the kitchen, for example. It is also possible to combine the two, with the main aim of marking an entrance or linking two spaces, without the need for a threshold bar. Furthermore, if you want to delimit a part of the room, the contemporary combination is the best choice. To do this and to enhance the unstructured result, the option for a contrast of shape and colour is very advisable.

A mix and match for dynamic decoration

Without a doubt, the mix between the warmth of wood and the freshness of tiles creates a dynamic decoration of your interior and living space. This is why architects in Scandinavia prefer to combine these two materials. With an unstructured floor, spaces are energised and the decoration brings fantasy. A white parquet floor with a herringbone pattern, for example, will make a living room much more attractive, as well as being soothing.

The parquet-tile combination, to enhance a particular space

Patterned tiles are there to ensure this special effect. The optical illusion offered by the patterns gives a feeling of grandeur. A multitude of possibilities are possible. Complementarity or similarity is often an option in this case. It is also possible to play with the colour, shape and size of the tiles. Firstly, there are the hexagonal tiles which give the room a mosaic and random look. There are also cement tiles, white or coloured and small in size, which are useful for a striking character. Here, the aim of the combination is mainly to highlight a strong element of the room, such as a stove in the living room or a bathtub in a bathroom.

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