How to combine design and decoration?

Between design and decoration, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right materials and colours for your interior design. However, you only need a few tips to create a warm atmosphere in your home by adding a touch of design to your interior. If you are having trouble planning your home's interior design, you can ask the advice of an interior designer. Find out how to combine design and decoration.

How to choose furniture?

It is necessary to choose the right furniture in order to create a warm atmosphere, combining design. If some of the furniture looks cold, then you can make the space warmer by adding, for example, cushions that are brightly coloured. You should avoid overdoing your decor if you want to combine design and decoration. If you opt for warm colours for the walls, choose simple furniture to avoid a mass effect. Interior designers can usually design the furniture to meet your expectations if you want customised furniture. For more information, click here.

How to combine design and decoration in the living room?

The living room is usually a room that reflects your taste and personality. You need to know how to play with styles and shapes to add design to this room. You also need to know how to mix colours and materials to avoid the room becoming a place that is austere. For example, if you like sheers, you can add a faux fur rug to the living room to create a warm atmosphere. Linen also plays an important role in the decor. In winter, thick curtains create a cocoon effect. Placing a plaid on the leather sofa adds design and style to your furniture. It also creates a warm feeling.

Use wall decorations to create a warm atmosphere

Colours generally warm up the house, light creates a friendly atmosphere and the mix of materials also helps to reinforce this. However, it is not only the lighting, the coverings and the linens that make the house warm. Ornaments also play an important role in the atmosphere of the living room. The choice of lighting can, for example, soften the cold appearance of the furniture or give the room a cosy feel.

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