How to choose the right lighting?

Light generally provides clarity and warmth in homes. Apart from natural lighting, lighting fixtures are important for the decoration of your interior. There are many different light sources, such as pendant lamps, floor lamps, spotlights or wall lamps. Whether you want a friendly, subdued, original or classic atmosphere, light fittings can be adapted to your interior. But how to choose the right equipment?

The different types of lighting

Suspended ceiling lights, ceiling lights or chandeliers, these types of devices are placed on the ceiling to provide general lighting for your room. The ceiling light, for example, is fixed to the ceiling while offering a diffused light and the chandelier has many light sources. Wall lamps also provide ambient lighting through their direct and indirect light. Floor lamps and furniture lamps provide warm lighting, especially in the living room and bedrooms. On the market, you can also find connected lamp models. They are controlled via a remote control or smartphone and provide a specific atmosphere and design to your home.

How do you choose the right light for each room?

For your living room, choose a pendant with mixed lighting to promote general illumination. You can also use other light points such as a lamp at the end of an armchair, a small lamp on your furniture or a floor lamp next to a sofa to create a reading corner. For your bedroom, its lighting should be both attractive and responsive to your personal needs. For this purpose, you can use a hanging lamp that gives off a soft light, and for the headboard, you can install bedside lamps or reading lights. For your bathroom, you can opt for a ceiling light or recessed sunlights and still ensure safety in the room.

Accessories for lighting fixtures

The selection of light bulbs is essential for the correct adoption of your light fixture. Therefore, you need to look at your power consumption. To save money, change your old lamps for LED bulbs. Furthermore, you can look at the colour of the lights and the power of the light. The lumens show the power of your bulb, so the higher the number, the brighter the lamp. The lampshade is also part of the lighting accessories. They offer mixed lighting and come in a variety of materials, configurations and colours, allowing you to decorate your lighting fixtures with fantasy. To choose your lighting fixture, you must therefore consider your room, the lamps adapted to your needs and the accessories that allow you to save electricity.

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