How do you know if your electricity is up to standard?

To feel safe at home, it is essential to have an excellent electrical installation. A poorly installed electrical system can lead to considerable danger. Therefore, discover some important steps to ensure your electrical installations.

The importance of constant checking

To be sure of your electricity, it is very important to carry out an electrical diagnosis. The electrician's mission is to identify problems and inadequate electrical equipment to reduce the risks. The electrician will adjust his analysis on several equipments. Therefore, it is necessary to call on an expert in the field to carry out the checks. With the analysis of the results of the diagnosis, the electrician can issue a certificate of conformity. But if the diagnosis is not conclusive, it is important to bring the system up to standard. In this way, it will be easier to ensure your installations while reducing the risks.

Objects to analyse to guarantee your safety

Generally speaking, electrical installations should be analysed and changed annually. To determine the frequency of the check, it is best to contact a specialist in the field. In addition, the use of the NFC 15 - 100 standard is more favoured to ensure the efficiency of the installations. Also, all energy suppliers require this standard before any commissioning. Then, the sockets must be supplied by a male metal rod or by an earth terminal, and the two female poles must be connected to a shutter to better protect children. The counting of the sockets remains imperative to ensure that the installation is in adequacy with your needs. For greater safety, install at least 03 sockets in a bedroom and 02 sockets in the living room. As a minimum, sockets should be installed in a space of 4 m². All electrical equipment must be installed in accordance with the standards and rules to avoid a short circuit.

A secure installation to optimise your comfort and well-being

Safety is the key to comfort and well-being at home. The most important thing is to examine the condition of the installations. Also, the effect of domestic accidents is five times more serious than road accidents. Furthermore, most domestic fires are caused by electrical malfunctions. To reduce the risk, it is better to check the electrical installation system. Moreover, this is an obligation for all holders and owners. In the end, you must be careful with your electrical installation and always call in the specialist. Guarantee your safety with excellent electrical installations.

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