How can you green your home without losing space?

Your house or flat is small, but you are thinking of greening the place. This is possible because these plants can be placed on the walls or other things in the house without taking up too much space. Some people hang them on curtain rods or on ceilings. There are several ideas for putting them in the house, even if it is small.

A small place in the living room or in the kitchen or in the bathroom

Most of the time you put your guests in the living room. It is also called a living room where plants flourish the most. Whether they are large or small, they will brighten up the interior of the house. There are various varieties such as climbing or falling plants that can be green or flowering depending on your needs and expectations. For the kitchen where women spend their time preparing food. Why not plant a small vegetable garden? Grow aromatic plants such as different herbs, as well as vegetables that can grow in a pot. It will be a kind of decoration for your interior whether it is high up or on the worktop. The bathroom is also an ideal place to put plants: it will become a little paradise. The plants for this corner must be able to withstand heat and humidity. You will get extra oxygen.

Easy-to-care-for plants in the veranda and all corners

You don't have enough space for plant pots, but that's not a problem because you can hang them anywhere in the house, such as on ceilings or curtain rods. You could also place high shelves on the walls to hold a few pots. If you have a small ledge around the room called a veranda then this is also a perfect place to put the plants without anyone disturbing them. This is one way to bring greenery into your home. Finally, to avoid having to deal with it every day, you should buy low-maintenance vegetation. For example, choose plants from the cactus or aloe family or succulents or even succulent greenery.

Various plants for total decoration

There are various types of plants that you can use to green your home. Such as the connected vegetable garden: it is a self-sufficient plant that only needs enriched soil and an always constant water level. Dried flowers are also beautiful decorations for the house: it's a trend and you could hang them in a bouquet. It's elegant and more attractive too. You could also use paper with a plant print: this is one of the things that strongly attract the eyes of the guests at home.

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