How to choose the right dining room chairs?

Are you planning to buy new dining chairs? Chairs are an integral part of a room's decoration. By making the right choice, it will make this room chic and cosy. Comfortable, coloured or sober, design, mismatched or plain, it is always a challenge to choose them well. So how do you choose the right dining room chairs? Certain criteria should be taken into account before buying: comfort, the style of decoration you want, the size of your room...

Choosing dining chairs based on comfort

The first criterion to take into account when buying dining chairs is comfort. To ensure that the model you choose is comfortable, you should check the covers and finishes. It is best to opt for fabric seats rather than leatherette ones. The height of the seat is also important for comfort. The seat will be more comfortable if the back of the chair is higher. However, the choice of backrest height depends on the size of the dining room. Obviously, the large backrest should be chosen for huge rooms and small backrests for small dining areas. This criterion also depends on whether or not you use these chairs regularly and how much time you want to spend at the table.

What styles of chairs should I choose for my dining room?

In general, chairs should match the decor of the room and the table and other furniture in the dining room. For example, contemporary chairs can be combined with a stylish table, but you must respect the colour codes of the room to achieve a good match. You can choose between straight, square, high, round, rectangular, transparent or not... Nowadays, it is also possible to opt for mismatched chairs. Simply mix and match chairs in terms of colour, material, size and style. However, you should not overdo it to avoid an overloaded effect in your room.

What materials should you use for your dining room chairs?

The choice of materials has a bearing on the comfort, price and design of dining chairs. Chairs made of upholstered leather or quilted fabric will be very comfortable, but are not recommended for those with children because of stains that are difficult to remove. In this case, you can choose chairs made of plastic, metal or wood, but you will have to provide a cover to make them more comfortable.

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