How can a simple curtain transform your home?

Sometimes a simple curtain is all you need to create an exceptional interior. There are no secrets to successful decoration. But there are a few things you need to know before you start. You need to know the style of curtain that will suit your room, the colour that will best match your furniture, and how to hang your curtain for a sensational result.

The different styles of curtains

Basically, there are 4 styles of curtains. 1. The classic curtain is known to all, and the most used to decorate all rooms of the house. It has no particular advantage, except for decoration. Just pay attention to the choice of its colour and you're done. 2. The blackout curtain is best used to decorate your bedroom. It is very thick and does not let any light through. It is also the ideal curtain to keep your privacy. 3. The insulating curtain is perfect for the living room. It is a low cost thermostat, which will keep the heat in your home. It is the perfect curtain for the living room and the kitchen. 4. Curtains allow you to see what's going on outside, without being disturbed. The only concern with curtains is the heat they let in during heat waves.

Bright colours or sober colours?

The choice of colours depends on the size of your room and the colours of your furniture. If you want to make your room bigger, go for bright colours. White, beige, and cream are the references. They go perfectly with the colours of your furniture. If you want red, your furniture should be in sober, neutral colours. If you don't want to use red, choose sober colours for large rooms such as the living room or the dining room. Blackout curtains are very temperamental, they should be sober in colour. You can also use white, vertical stripes to accentuate the height of a room of your choice.

The way you hang the curtain is very important

In the living room, you can lay your curtain in an original way, with about ten centimetres dragging on the floor. This is a glamorous style, worthy of a 5-star hotel. The sliding style is also recommended for your bedroom. A classic is the room divider style, which is still in fashion. Your curtains will open like in a theatre, and your interior will be the spectacle to be admired.

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