Dried flowers: the big decorating trend!

In recent years, many vintage decoration ideas have resurfaced. Dried flowers are no exception to this rule, and have become the trend of the moment. A wide range of dried flowers is available, so all you have to do is choose the one that will appeal to you. You can buy your own from a florist or do it yourself.

The advantages of dried flowers

The main advantage of dried flowers is their longevity. Drying is an effective way to keep your bouquets and wreaths looking beautiful. You can keep the flowers that have marked your life, such as your wedding bouquet. Dried flowers will also bring a vintage touch to your modern decoration. A dried flower wreath, hung in the middle of modern furniture, is an original decoration idea. You can even make a garland of dried flowers, mixed with a light show for a more festive atmosphere. The dried flowers can be manipulated as you wish, to find the best possible decoration idea. You can flatten them, and put them in a picture to give an artistic look to your wall. You can also put them in a vase to replace the classic flowers on your tables.

What kind of flowers to choose?

The choice will depend on your taste. If you want a zen, romantic and glamorous room, choose peonies and roses. You can put both in one vase. Eucalyptus is an all-purpose flower, but don't overdo it. For a room with a natural scent, choose lavender. But if you want a very vintage style, wheat and gypsophila are the flowers of choice. These are the most commonly used flowers to decorate your home, but you can also choose another original flower species to stand out from the crowd. Between cotton, hare's-tails and statice, there will surely be a species that will please you.

How to dry and care for your flowers?

Before drying them, you need to pick your flowers at the right time. Choose warm, sunny days. Picking should be done in the morning, after the morning dew. Next, you must remove the leaves and thorns. Once this is done, tie the flowers of the same species with a string and let them dry in your cellar or attic, away from sunlight. For maintenance, dust your flowers with a hair dryer or a small brush. Be careful not to damage your flowers.

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