Decorating tips

Decorate and relook your interior well

Even with a small budget, you can redo your interior from A to Z. All you have to do is follow the latest decorating tips according to the interior design style that interests you and your personality. All that remains is to choose the ideal type of decoration for your home: Scandinavian decoration, tropical decoration, ethnic decoration, industrial decoration…

A beautiful living room decoration

A beautiful living room decoration

Minimalist style, bohemian style, Scandinavian style… personalise your living room and bring it up to date.

bedroom decoration

A new bedroom decoration

Bring warmth and accentuate the intimacy of your bedroom with a personalized decoration.

Modern kitchen decoration

Choose a timeless decoration or a unique decorative style to bring a modern touch.

Bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration

Revamp your bathroom with modern colours, light and furniture.

design et décoration
From planting

From planting

Flowers and plants in the home.

Eco-friendly decoration

Eco-friendly decoration

Only organic items.

DIY decorative accessories

DIY decorative accessories

Personalised, handmade items.

Decorating trends

How to combine design and decoration?

Decorating, organising, modernising and arranging: that’s how you combine design and decoration. Today’s decorating trends are no longer limited to the colours of the walls or the choice of furniture. They extend to the layout of each room in the house and to the general organisation. All decorations should be combined with the furniture, for example. The space must also be well optimised.

Decorative objects

Candles and home fragrances

Need a modern and pleasant cocooning atmosphere? Combine light and atmosphere with scented candles. Subtly, you will decorate, light and perfume your interior. A tip: choose different sizes and colours of candles to complete the style. For a more modern look, jarred and liquid candles like those from Maison Berger Paris are perfect. This is also the trend for cosy, zen-like interiors. You can surround them with garlands of light if you prefer to focus on light.

A touch of the exotic

Bringing exoticism to your home

Cushions with tropical motifs

Cushions with tropical motifs

 Dare to be different with charming cushions in tropical prints in exotic colours.

Exotic living room and modern furniture

 Decorate your living room in an exotic country spirit with original and unique furniture.

More exotic wallpaper

 In addition to paint, stick wallpaper in warm colours for an exotic atmosphere.

Decorating the garden

Tips for a warm outdoor space

 Does your garden need a facelift? Think about personalised outdoor furniture or outdoor furniture with flowers or ornamental plants. If your garden is small, you need to optimise the space, such as insulation, separation or plant decoration. If you have a terrace or a swimming pool, it is better to stick to natural decoration with wooden items and vegetation. Aesthetics are the most important thing.